Teacher Dinners 
Twice a year the teachers, administrators, and staff are treated to a warm dinner courtesy of the PTO board and members. Want to participate? CLICK here to GET INVOLVED!!

Spring Service Week 
In early spring, the students of the Lillian Jacobs Elementary School perform various acts of volunteerism throughout the town of Hull to show their hometown pride and the value of giving of yourself in a selfless manner. This is celebrated in school-wide assembly!

Green Team 
Starting in the Fall of 2013, students from Lillian Jacobs School, Memorial Middle School and Hull High School participate in single-stream recycling, composting and shoe recycling. In the Fall of 2014, dozens of Hull High School students erected raised bed gardens and the elementary students went on to plant the gardens with garlic, radishes, carrots and greens. Way to go! Today the effort continues with a partnership with Holly Hill Farm and the help of parent volunteers and generous patrons of the Green Team!!

Encouraging the students of Lillian Jacobs School and Memorial Middle School to read is an easy task in winter with abundance of snow! The students read over 350,000 minutes collectively, raising thousands of dollars to benefit their own enrichment. Awesome!!

Jacobs Express 
An annual event at the Jacobs School, typically the last day of school before December break,  bringing teachers, administrators, MMS/HHS students and volunteer parents together to transformed the elementary school into a winter wonderland for the wonderment of the JS students. The day is filled with winter games, hot cocoa, music, stories and pure joy! It is an event not to be missed!

Hull Parent Teacher Organization

      501(c)(3) Tax ID #522-372-987

Founded in 2002

2017-2018 Board Of Directors

Co-President: Molly Nunes

Co-President, IT Support: Nicole Palermo Cristaldi

Vice President, Operations: Madeline Rys
Secretary: Caryn O'Connor

Treasurer: Carolyn Reynolds

Board Member (JS): Amy Hyde

Board Member (JS): Aleeza Hagerty

Board Member (JS): Briana McAuliffe

Board Member (JS): Laurie McDowell

Board Member (JS): Melissa Harper
Board Member (MMS, Soc Med): Linda Alexander

Board Member (MMS): Marilyn Cappuzzo
Board Member (MMS): Monique Roche

Board Member (MMS): Sharon Striglio

Board Member (MMS): Lynn Strong

Board Member (HHS): Stacey Jones

Board Member (HHS): Jenna Gleason

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Non-Profit Profile

The mission of the Hull Parent Teacher Organization is to support the Hull Public Schools by sponsoring fundraising activities, cultural enrichment programs, and other activities to enhance the quality of education offered to the children of Hull.​​ 

It is through the support of local administrators, teachers, businesses and residents that we are able to contribute 100% of all profits to directly impact the students of Hull Public Schools.