Get 2018-2019 School Supplies Delivered to Your Door!


Hull PTO is excited to offer a NEW back-to school supply program. makes it a breeze to purchase supplies for next year.

Yubbler Perks

  • FREE next-day shipping to your home!

  • Supply list items are available at discounted prices.

  • Teacher-approved supply lists.

  • Customizable orders (buy only what you need.)

  • Quality, name-brand products that you trust.

  • Ordering up to one week before school starts!

  • A 50% donation of profits back to Hull Public Schools!!!

Order Deadline

There is no deadline to purchase supplies. However, we recommend purchasing supplies as soon as possible or by August 21st to ensure your children are ready for the first day of school on August 28th. 

Order Online in Four Steps

  1. Click on the Jacobs or Memorial buttons below and choose your child(ren)'s grade.

  2. Click on the purchase button (“Add Full List”) or customize your cart by removing/adding items. You can also add teacher wish lists items (“Additional List Items.”)

  3. Enter your shipping and billing information on the secure checkout page. If you order by June 30, you will receive 15% off! Please use code 15OFF.

  4. Supplies are shipped out next-day to your home for free.


Q: When should I place my order if I want my supplies to arrive before the first day of school?
A: Orders placed by August 21st will be delivered the week of August 28th. Please order from Yubbler by August 21st in order to ensure your supplies arrive by the first day of school.

Q: What is the code I should use to get 15% off?
A: The code is 15OFF (one word; all caps) and valid until June 30, 2018.

 Q:  If I add the whole list, will it automatically include items from the “Additional List Items” list?
A:  No, only the “Supplies Sent Home” items will be added. Not all classes have an “Additional List Items.”

Q: My child’s classroom supply list on Yubbler includes a “Buy Separately” section. What does that mean?
A. Some items requested by teachers cannot be provided by Yubber. Please purchase these at a local supply store or online and send in with your child the first week of school The items would appear at the very bottom of the Yubbler order list. Most classes do not have the “Buy Separately” section.

Q: Can I edit my cart if I don’t want to buy all my supplies on Yubbler or want to change quantities?
Yes, you can edit supplies once you have added list to your cart by removing items or changing the quantity.

Q: Will my child’s school supplies deliver in one package?
A: It’s likely that you will receive multiple packages and perhaps on separate days. Similar to online shopping venues like Amazon, supplies are shipped from distributors located in various geographical areas. Yubbler is committed to making an effort to minimize multiple shipments.

Q: What if I don’t want to buy supplies from Yubbler? How do I know what to buy?
A: You can also find the updated grade level lists on the school website.

Q. Is this a new back-to-school supply fundraising venue?
A: Yes. We had some customer service difficulty with last year’s venue and decided to look for other options. We located Yubbler, discussed in detail at a January PTO meeting and the majority agreed that Yubbler’s ship-to-home, order up until one week before school starts and quality products were appealing. With that, we determined to go with Yubbler this 2018-2019 school year.

 Q: My question is not answered via this FAQ, who can I speak with?
A: If you still have questions, contact Yubbler at or contact PTO parent volunteers at (Maureen) or (Tara).